Featuring the German Mining Network
and the Business Delegation from Africa!

This year’s conference is featuring the German Mining Network and the (virtual) business delegation from Africa. The German Mining Network is an international network of Competence Centers and Organizations that provides German supplier and service companies and companies in the minerals sector with information and contacts in all relevant resource markets around the globe.

About the Conference

There is no question: the pandemic of SARS-Cov2 has impacted every sector on the planet, including the global mining industry. Despite the massive challenges the pandemic imposed on the mining industry, the large industrial mining sector has emerged stronger than many other industries and now has to take charge of the transformational opportunities ahead.

So what will define Smart Mining in the post-pandemic world? What has changed?

It seems safe to say that the pandemic accelerated developments that were already in play, such as remote work, smart monitoring of employee health conditions, digitalization as well as the importance of ESG as a business asset. At the same time, (re-)building trust in an uncertain future has become an even greater challenge, a key trend, and also a business risk.

The Smart Mine of the Future, therefore, is more than just technologically advanced. Being smart in a post covid world means, aside from deploying smart technologies, being ahead of the game when it comes to smart work strategies, decarbonization, ESG, trust and collaboration.

That is why this year‘s smart mining conference will take a closer look at the key trends that will define smart operations moving forward.


Our International Keynotes this year will look at Key Trends for Shaping the Mining Future and the Power of Purpose!

For our Keynote “Key Trends for Shaping the Mining Future”, Andrew Swart, Partner & Global Mining & Metals Leader at Deloitte in Toronto, Canada, will take a look at the key trends globally that are shaping the minerals industry in areas like geopolitics, investors, technology and business.  Andrew is one of the authors of Deloitte’s Tracking the Trends publications which is produced annually and has seen how these trends shift from year to year.

We are excited to have George Hemingway, Managing Partner and Head of Innovation & Growth Practice at the Stratalis Group, a global strategy and innovation consultancy based in New York City, back with a brand-new talk: “The Power of Purpose”! George is considered a thought leader on the future and advises executives and boards around the globe and will share with us why purpose is important in a post-pandemic environment and what it means for the future of the global mining industry. We are honored that he is joining us again this year as one of the most sought-after keynote speakers at international mining events!

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